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Stock Rams

We aim to purchase the best stock rams that we can from other leading Suffolk flocks across the UK.

We place a high value on sourcing stock rams from flocks that manage their Suffolk ewes on a commercial basis and performance record their lambs on a grass only system.

This ensures we are adding genetics that we know will thrive on forage diets, giving us confidence that we will supply our customers with functional, high index rams.

Sandyknowe Legacy
Purchased in 2022 for £6,000

Index 401 (Top 1%)

Legacy 2.png

Sandyknowe Legacy was the standout ram from Malcolm Stewart's final on farm sale in 2022 and was purchased for the top price of £6,000.

Legacy is an exceptional ram with outstanding physical traits of tremendous carcass length, width across his loin and gigot. This big tall ram also comes with a massive Index of 401 putting him comfortably in the Top 1% of the breed. He is also in the Top 1% for the individual traits of Scan Weight, Muscle Depth & Fat Depth.

Sandyknowe Legacy is the longest ram we have used and compliments perfectly our Sandyknowe Leader 19-1 daughters, who are real carcass sheep taking after their sire.

His dam is a proven breeder, who produced 6 crops of lambs, and was a standout performer in the Sandyknowe flock, which lambs outside in May in the Scottish Borders. 

Click here for Sandyknowe Legacy's Estimated Breeding Values & pedigree.

Scan Weight: 12.33 (Top 1%)

Muscle Depth: 2.33 (Top 1%)

Fat Depth: 0.71 (Top 1%)

Maternal Index: 282 (Top 1%)

Terminal Sire Index: 401 (Top 1%)

Sandyknowe Leader 19-1
Purchased in 2020 for £3,500

Index 327 (Top 1%)

Hole Farm Rams (1 of 35).jpg

Sandyknowe Leader 19-1 is a real carcass ram, and was purchased from the Sandyknowe on farm sale in 2020 and purchased for the top price of £3,500. This flock has always been selected for commercial traits and lambs outside in the Scottish Borders in May.

He is extremely well fleshed and has a great carcass with width all the way along his top line. Figures to match with scan weight and muscle depth EBVs in the top 1%, with over 200 progeny on the ground giving his figures >50% accuracy. Has bred well in our flock, really stamping his lambs. Lambs have shown excellent vigour at birth. Used as a stock ram in the Sandyknowe flock as a lamb. Dam also bred another Sandyknowe stock ram, that was subsequently used in the Hans flock.

Click here for Sandyknowe Leader 19-1's Estimated Breeding Values & pedigree.

Scan Weight: 8.68 (Top 1%)

Muscle Depth: 2.04 (Top 1%)

Fat Depth: 0.62 (Top 1%)

Maternal Index: 201 (Top 10%)

Terminal Sire Index: 327 (Top 1%)

                 Previous Stock Rams

Bentley Lomu
Purchased in 2018

Bentley Lomu.png

Bentley Lomu was purchased at the main Builth Wells ram sale in 2018 from the Harding’s Bentley flock and has some New Zealand blood. The flock is recorded from a forage only diet and Lomu always stood out for his extreme growth rate, physical size and length. His mother went on to produce 9 crops of lambs.

Lomu was also an easy lambing and moderate birth weight sire and bred extremely well onto Sandyknowe Ettrick 14-1 daughters, producing rams and replacement females with great length and exceptional growth rates.

Sandyknowe Ettrick 14-1
Purchased in 2015, for £1,500

Sandyknowe Ettrick 14-1 was the best ram from Malcolm Stewart’s Sandyknowe on farm ram sale in the Scottish Borders, and was purchased in 2015 for the top price of £1,500. 


He is an extremely well fleshed ram, with a fantastic carcass as well as being fine boned, long and has great width. Ettrick’s lambs are easily born with moderate birth weights, we have successfully used him on commercial ewe lambs. Once born, his lambs are quick to their feet and suckle.

He has had a big influence on our flock, and almost all our current breeding ewes will have him in their pedigree.

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