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Our Approach

We focus on the demands of the commercial producer. Selecting for the commercially important traits of easy lambing, lamb vigour, growth and carcass confirmation. All from a forage diet – replicating the conditions in which our customer's lambs will be reared. 

Our aim is to sell shearling rams that are well suited to producing prime lambs from grazing systems, as well as producing Suffolk cross females which are increasingly in demand for their milkiness and ability to rear quality prime lambs.

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Commercial Focus

The ewes are lambed in April, and are managed on a commercial basis with no special treatment. This ensures only the most functional animals that can thrive on a forage based diet are retained in the flock.

The flock is first and foremost bred for functionality. Lambs are recorded at birth for lambing ease, vigour at birth and speed to suckle to ensure only functional rams are offered for sale.

Performance Recording from Grass

The flock has been performance recorded since the start. Focusing on fast growth rates (Scan Weight) & carcass confirmation (Muscle Depth).

“The majority of out Suffolk  rams offered for sale are
in the Top 1% of the Suffolk breed 
for Terminal Sire Index”

All recording is done from grass, ensuring that only rams that have the genetic ability to thrive on grass only systems are sold for breeding. In addition to structural soundness physical appearance.

We have always selected for positive fat depth EBVs. This helps lambs achieve sufficient finish from grass only diets. Breeding females retain condition more easily when faced with challenging conditions.


Terminnal sire

Our Suffolk rams are bred to sire fast growing and easy fleshing fat lambs off grazing.

Our rams are suited for using as a mainstream terminal sire on mule or continental ewes, or maternal flocks (Romneys, Lleyns, Wool shedding breeds) with the benefit that any Suffolk sired lambs are easy to distinguish from any white faced maternal breed sired lambs.

We use our stock rams on our commercial flock, which is lambed outside in April with ewe receiving no concentrates at lambing. 

Lambing ease, vigour and speed to suckle are essential traits for lambing outdoors and we have been very pleased with how the Suffolk cross lambs perform.

Maternal sire

Our Suffolk rams are ideal for breeding milky & prolific Suffolk cross females. 

We place a strong focus on mothering ability & milk production, with strong selection pressure on 8-week growth rates. Reflecting the milking ability of the ewe and the lambs genetic potential to convert grass & milk into meat.

High Health Status

We take our flock Health Status very seriously.

​M.V. Accredited

No CLA or CODD in the flock

Stock rams tested for CLA: all past & present stock rams tested negative

Stock rams are Scrapie Genotypes: all past & present stock rams ARR:ARR

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